Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

No one knows your business better than you. However, you can’t do it all, and sometimes a new perspective can take your business to a completely different level.

Business owners value FPG for the following reasons:      

First, our involvement allows them to rise above the day-to-day of their business and focus on where they add the most value. FPG assists our clients manage critical, but often distracting, components of their business, such as entity creation, buy-sell agreements, hiring/firing employees, litigation consulting and regulatory compliance. As financial specialists, we may also serve as the external Chief Financial Officer.

Second, we bring best practices from other industries to their business. We bring a wealth of broad business experience rarely seen in a financial services firm. Within these diverse experiences are best practices that can often be applied in creative ways across industries.

Third, we act as their objective advocate and can be a team leader coordinating our work with their other trusted advisors. FPG bills by the hour, so we don’t make money based on a client’s decision to follow our counsel or not. We listen to where they want to go, and we help make sure they are making the right decisions to get there.

Here are some common examples of how we help business owners:

  • You are stuck. Your business has slowed down or is shrinking and you need some new strategic thinking on how to get it back on track.
  • You should be making more money. Your income looks good on paper, but where is the cash flow?
  • A financial alarm has gone off. You had a large, unexpected tax liability and you don’t want it to happen again. You are having trouble making payroll after many years of surplus. You need help in a hurry to right the ship.
  • You have had (or will soon have) a major event. A senior manager has left the firm. You received an offer for your business to be purchased. You need experienced business leadership you can trust.

Family Office

You already have a good accountant, investment manager, insurance agent, estate planning attorney, etc… However, no one has comprehensive visibility to bring it all together. Or, maybe the problem you are trying to solve doesn’t seem to fall into one of those functional areas.

Matt familyFamilies value FPG predominantly for three reasons:

First, we are comprehensive, so we can act as the family CFO giving them a single point of contact. By using FPG as their “family office,” we can help filter, summarize and manage information from a variety of specialists. We help families define what is important and ensure that decisions are made in service to those priorities.

Second, we are an objective source of counsel. Because we bill by the hour and do not manage assets or sell products, we are motivated only by what is in the family’s best interests. FPG focuses on the goals of our families, and we are specialists at helping cut through the noise.

Third, we work inter-generationally with the entire family. We understand the challenges of helping manage parents’ assets as they grow older, while also preparing the next generation when they are still far from being ready for the assets and responsibilities coming their way. We commonly set up multi-generational family meetings in our main conference room to help educate family members and drive decisions.

Here are some common examples of how we help family office clients:

  • You have had a sudden wealth event (an inheritance, a settlement, etc.), and you need help. You need an objective advisor who doesn’t make money based on the scope of your wealth or what you decide to do.
  • You have a financial problem, and it is unclear whom to call. Your family challenge crosses the lines between insurance, investments and estate planning. Things are further complicated by health issues, psychological problems and substance abuse. You need a comprehensive planner experienced with emotionally complex family financial issues.
  • You need a translator. Your advisors are smart, but they can lose you with jargon and terminology. You need someone who understands what they are saying and can then explain what is important to you.

Families Experiencing Major Health Events & Aging Issues

You are faced with an overwhelming number of financial decisions that you have never made before and are not yet equipped to handle. At the same time, you must bear the almost crippling emotional burden of a loved one being lost or slipping away, and time is working against you. You need a trusted advisor and ally, one who is not only an advocate for your concerns but also an advocate for your family member.

Michael & LoganFPG is uniquely equipped to help individuals and families deal with major health events and aging issues.

First, we are specialists in aging issues and end of life planning. Our firm principal has achieved a Masters in Gerontology, which gives us unique expertise in the latest research and understanding of these issues. Also, given that we have operated as a Family Office for over 20 years, we have helped many families plan for, experience and work through the death of a beloved family member.

Second, we provide an objective advocacy at a time when the family’s guard is down. During times of intense emotional stress, decisions become more challenging. We are a caring resource that guides the family through periods of uncertainty.

Third, we listen, care deeply and connect the family with resources that may not have been considered. We are advocates for those who most need advocacy. We help connect clients with resources they may not have considered, such as support groups, end-of-life videographers and psychologists.

Here are some common examples of how we help families with major health events:

  • A family member receives a terminal diagnosis, and you are not sure what to do.
  • A family member passes away suddenly.
  • A family member begins to exhibit signs of Mild Cognitive Impairment or Alzheimer’s Disease.